Strengthening and development of local communities

Together with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan faced a number of complex tasks, including the formation of independence and strengthening of statehood, the transition from planned to market economies, political and social transformation, the construction of new institutions of democracy and civil society, humanitarian problems and poverty, integration into the world community. Despite the past three decades of Kyrgyzstan’s independence, social, humanitarian and economic problems remain unsolved. The above-mentioned problems are acute in rural areas.

Strengthening and development of local communities is being achieved through the implementation of social projects.

Tasks of this component:

Development of social partnership both within the community and with various public and state organizations

Strengthening the organizational capacity of the local community to solve local problems

Development of leadership skills, planning, delegation, monitoring, and skills to resolve difficulties and conflicts.

Development of transparent resource management (financial, material, local budget, etc.)

 The target group consists of various rural communities: youth and women’s groups, rural health committees; local government: “aiyl okmotu” and “local keneshes”; State and public institutions, farmers and entrepreneurs.

The main social problems of the local communities are limited access to drinking water, lack of irrigation system, roads and bridges, lack of social facilities such as pre-school and school, feldsher-obstetrics and baths, sports and cultural facilities, etc.