Our project implementation model

Realization of social-ecological and educational projects will be carried out on the basis of active application of the Community Mobilization Model.

We use for work a model specially designed for working with the community, by taking into account the local traditions, culture and national characteristics. This model of “CMM” (Community Mobilization Model) provides deep integration and cooperation within and outside the community.

Trainings / seminars are one of the main tools of this model. We conditionally divide them into the following types:

Planning Workshops

Seminars on self-analysis

Quality Assurance Seminars (for Infrastructure Projects)

Seminars on monitoring

Workshops on conflict resolution and mobilization

As is known, the implementation of any project is almost always accompanied by difficulties and problems. While at our seminars and meetings, communities learn to treat difficulties and problems as useful and necessary indicators. They learn how to make an independent analysis of the situation and how to find constructive ways of solving