Support youth initiatives

Almost a third of the population of Kyrgyzstan is young people aged from15 to 25. Young people in Kyrgyzstan live in an environment where poverty and unemployment are widespread. This has a negative impact on more than 40% of the young people: economic opportunities are very limited; access to public services is insufficient. Young people often become victims of violence, or they become offenders themselves. The participation of young people in public life is insignificant. According to UNICEF-Kyrgyzstan studies, 31% of young people are afraid of the future and unsure about it. Despite the programs implemented by the state and international donors for youth, the problems remain acute and unsolved. In this regard, we would like to make our own contribution to the improvement of the current situation.

The following tasks are characteristic of this component:

Conducting educational trainings in conjunction with state and educational institutions for career guidance, employment and personal growth.

involving young people in social and environmental projects

supporting youth initiatives

Facilitating the creation and development of sports and educational circles in villages for teenagers and young people.

legal support and protection of youth rights