The 495 w/ straps for 3 left my wrist feeling like it was

The 495 w/ straps for 3 left my wrist feeling like it was

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Largest was 28″ w/ pump, but I also taken a break from heavy squats/deads due to aggravating an old war wound.Starting Bench 95 / OHP 95 / Squat 135 / DL 185Current Bench 285 x2 / OHP 185 / Squat 405 / DL 495 x 3I could likely improve squat and DL, but fuck man, I getting old. Grip on the DL fails over 400. The 495 w/ straps for 3 left my wrist feeling like it was going to fall off and I did some minor damage that took 3 weeks to stop hurting.Edit: due to requests, the diet! I am currently aiming for 5100kcal, well beyond my TDEE. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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